NAS Plastics

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Product Catalogue

Coloured Dessert Spoons

Assorted Knives

Assorted Tea Spoons

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup Strictly

Airline Glass - Juice cap,coffe cup,water glass etc

Continental Opened

Continental with a Different Creamer

Continental-Special Set For Breakfast

Desserts Spoons

Dinner Folks

Icecream Spoons

Large Basin

Large Clear Glass

Large Combined Set

Large Folks For All Usage

Medium basin

Maxi or Medium Basin

Meat Crate

Large Knives

Open Large Combined Set

Open Mugs

Packed Dinner Spoons

Packed Knives

Packed Large Folks

Packed Mugs

Packed Pepper

Packed Salt

Packed Tea Spoons

PlainSet Small Opened

Plain Set Special Large

Salt Sachets

Small Combined Set Opened

The Back of Both Small and Large Combined


Poly Pot